Medical Facilities to Chronic Disease Patients

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has directed to all its 32 ward offices to provide specified amount as medical expenses to kidney, cancer and spinal cord paralysis patients with the procedure approved by the Ministry of Health and Population.

The letter sent by KMC on August 24 requires the ward offices to collect applications and necessary documents from genuine patients. Any patient working in government bodies or other organisations and receiving pension would not be eligible to get this medical facility. Likewise, those receiving social security allowance will have to choose between the allowance and this amount.

Recently, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration had dispatched such procedure to all the local levels. It was framed in line with the existing Public Health Service Act and Regulation.

Patients of specified diseases are required to submit an application along with a copy of citizenship certificate or birth registration certificate and recommendation of a medical doctor to the ward concerned. In the case of spinal cord injury patients, the application should be accompanied by a disability card. The beneficiaries will be entitled to Rs 5,000 per month. The local level concerned will credit the amount to the bank account of beneficiaries on a four-monthly basis.

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