Apples of Jumla in market

Sept. 6, Farmers of Jumla are busy for picking organic apples and selling them now. Farmers have supplied matured ripe apples to the market this time.

The Chief of the District Agriculture Development Office, Ganesh Adhikari, said that the ripe apples have now gone to the market because they create public awareness among farmers. Adhikari said that apples have been planted in about 4,000 hectares in Jumla where apples are grown in 2,925 hectares. About 12,000 tonnes of apples were produced in the last year. It is estimated that 18,000 tonnes of apples will be produced this year.

This time the apples are full of sweetness as the percentage of sugar in the ripe apples has now increased to more than 15 percent. This time the weather has also helped to increase production and apples become sweeter.

According to Ganga Pokharel, Chief of the Apple Super Zone office Jumla, office is conducting orchard reinforcement, nursery strengthening, apple area expansion programme and irrigation programme.

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