The Festival Of Swords

Khadga Jatra (festival of swords) is celebrated every year in Dolakha on the eve of Durga Puja.
On the day of Dashami (the day of Tika) an ethnic group called Thami acting as “Hipa Thami” (Blood-sucking Thami) plays significant role in this festival. They first purify themselves by eating fire, then they slay the demons searching in different parts of the town and drink the blood of buffalos representing the demon.
This festival is based on the most popular legend pertaining to the war between demon Mahishasura and the gods in which the goddess Durga kills demon Mahishasura.
Mahishasura, the powerful half- human half-buffalo asura (demon), was the son of Mahisi (buffalo) and the great-grandson of Brahmarshi Kashyapa. He did severe penance to please Brahma, the creator, and get invincible power to defeat gods. After several years, Brahma, being pleased from his penance, asked him to demand whatever he wanted. After Brahma refused to provide him the boon that makes him immortal Mahishasura asked a boon that only a woman could be able to kill him, which Brahma granted.
Being unfearful of death due to the boon Mahishasura began to trouble gods and even captured the heaven. The worried gods went to Trimurti for help. The Trimurti combined their powers and gave a physical form to all divine eternal energy which used to be called goddess Durga.
The fierce battle took place between goddess Durga and demon Mahishasura for nine days. Finally, goddess Durga killed Mahishasura, who had taken the form of a gigantic buffalo. She beheaded him with her trident. Indra and the other gods celebrated the victory and returned to the heaven. Since then, Durga is worshipped during the Navratri and is addressed as Mahishasura Mardini.
Unlike the usual story related to slaying of Mahishasur here goddess Durga gives her all power and sends her son Bhatingkhara to help slay the demon Mahishasur. Bhatingkhara seeks the blessing of his mother Bhagavati by sitting on the lap of the big idol of Batuk Bhairav (Bhatingkhara himself). The goddess Tripurasundari Bhagavati in the form of goddess Durga accepts the request and gives blessing to them with tika. The army of the god form a kind of “Chakrabyuha” and surrounds Mahishasura, the demon king. Finally, Bhatingkhara slays Mahishasura by chopping his head.

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