Effects of Some Recent Landslides and Flood

Oct. 12: There is continuous rain in Kalikot district since last Wednesday. Over 50 landslides have fallen along Kalikot road section of the Karnali Lokmarga. Local Tila River has washed away a bridge at Serighat.

Last Wednesday, more than 1,495 houses were damaged by landslides and more than 3,000 people were homeless. Likewise, more than 667 families have been displaced. The rain has completely destroyed the crops and vegetables planted by the farmers.

Similarly, in Lumbini Province, hundreds have been displaced by floods and landslides caused by incessant raining. District Administration Office Banke informed that a preliminary data had shown that about 9,000 houses and families had been affected by the floods. The displaced families are taking shelter in public buildings, roadsides and their relatives’ houses. Moreover, the people taking shelter in tarpaulins have been exposed to a high risk of dengue and malaria.

Likewise, 34 houses are in risk of landslides in Palpa district.

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