Campaigning Before Nov. 3 Not Allowed

Election Commissioner Ram Prasad Bhandari warned political parties and candidates that their candidacies could be cancelled if they campaigned before November 3 for the elections of November 20.

He said, “Parties and candidates can only run door-to-door programmes before November 3 and nothing else.” This warning came after the Ruling Alliance’s decision to hold election rallies in all seven provinces before November 3.

According to the election code of conduct, candidates and parties can launch election campaign only 17 days before the elections. Bhandari said even during the door-to-door campaign, candidates can not have more than 25 people or use musical bands.

Bhandari said that the EC had been receiving complaints that candidates were visiting voters’ homes with musical bands and they were also organizing feasts. He added that the EC had been issuing dozens of notices and if their replies were not satisfactory, they could face action.

Assistant Spokesperson for the EC Surya Prasad Aryal said that the parties needed to take the EC message seriously as Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya had already issued directives to them not to violate the poll code.

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