Auspicious Time for Bhai tika

Oct. 19: The Nepal Calendar Fixation Committee has announced 11:37 am on October 27 as the auspicious time for putting tika in this year’s Yamapanchak or Tihar festival.

This year’s Tihar festival is starting from October 22, Saturday with Yamadeepdan, the offerings of lamps to Yamadeva (the deity of death). The religious belief is that the celebration of Yamadeepadan will prevent the devotee from untimely death.

The Kag Tihar, the festival of crow, falls on October 23 and the Laxmi Puja falls on Monday, October 24. October 25 is the day for Gai Puja when cow is worshipped with Hindu rituals. Gobardhan Puja (Ox Worship) is on October 26 and the Newar communities are celebrating the Mha Puja (worship of the self) same day. The day also marks the commencement of the Nepal Sambat 1143.

Bhai tika  is being observed on October 27 when sisters and brothers exchange the Saptarangi tika ( seven-coloured tika). Sisters wish brothers’ wellbeing and longevity and brothers also give the Tika and gifts to their sisters.

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