Comedian Apoorwa Released

Comedian Apoorwa Kshitiz Singh has been released on bail amount of Rs 2,50,000 by Kathmandu District Court.

Apoorwa was arrested on the charge of hurting the sentiments of Newar community with the content in his comedy. Over 70 people from the Newari community had filed the case against him.

The state later attracted four criminal offences against Apoorwa, which have different provisions against spreading hate amidst communities, passing humiliating comments, disrupting social peace and hurting the culture and tradition of any people. If proven guilty in all four charges, Apoorwa could get maximum of 11 years imprisonment.

In a video posted on the YouTube channel called ‘Comedy Cafe’, the title of the show was ‘Newar tradition’. Because of the rejection from the people of Newar community, it was removed.

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