5G to begin in Kathmandu

5G trials are set to begin in Kathmandu after Tihar, according to Nepal Telecom. Tests of the new fifth generation mobile technology have been held up for 15 months. According to reports, 5G mobile network delivers up to 100 times more capacity than its predecessor 4G.

Shobhan Adhikari, spokesperson for Nepal Telecom, said that tests will be conducted in all seven provinces in the current fiscal year. The telecom operator can’t charge customers during the trial period. The test may last two-three months or even a year.

The company had signed an agreement with China’s Communication Service International to provide 5G equipment free of cost while it was bringing equipment for 4G. The operator must submit a report to the regulator after the trial is over, officials say. After the cost analysis, the telecom company will determine the charges for 5G service.

The country has a total of 10 million 3G subscribers and 18.55 million 4G subscribers. As of July, Nepal Telecom had 8.32 million 3G users and 11.2 million 4G users while Ncell had 2 million 3G users and 7.11 million 4G users.

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