Ultimatum to the Cable Wires

Nov. 2: The Nepal Electricity Authority has given a 45-day deadline to the television, telephone and internet companies to manage the cable that are tied on the electric poles.

Through a public notice on Tuesday, it has set the standards for the structure. The city has been made ugly due to the carelessly stretched wires. NEA said, electrical accidents, including fire, are increasing and due to this, the electrical services provided by the Authority have also been disrupted.

They have been publicly requested to manage their structures within the deadline. According to the Nepal Electricity Authority Act, 2041 BS, the cable and other equipment of the service providers who do not manage them in the specified time shall be removed by the Authority itself and the related service provider shall be responsible for any damage or loss caused by this.

The Authority has specified the minimum distance between the optical fiber/cable and the power line and the ground surface. The minimum distance between open and insulated wires and cables of 400 volts should be 80 and 30 cm respectively. The minimum distance between 11 kV and 33 kV lines and cables should be 2 metres. The minimum distance from other 400 volt devices should be 75 cm. Between the optical fiber cable and the ground surface, 2.4 metres on footpaths and 5.5 metres on roads are specified. Service providers should put cable tags on each pole so that they can easily separate their wires. Marking should also be done on the equipment connected to the pole.

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