Mahasnan of Pashupati

Nov. 8: The annual bathing (Mahasnan) ritual of Pashupatinath was celebrated by offering panchamrit and variety of sweets and sacrificing five types of animals on Monday.

It is observed on the day of Baikuntha Chaturdashi.  However, regular bathing ritual of Pashupatinath is held on every full moon day.

On the day of Mahasnan, each of the four faces of Lord Pashupatinath are offered 25 earthenware panchamrit made from  milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey.  Around 16 kg. of four kinds of sweets and five animals as Bali (a sacrifice of animals) were offered to Bhairav and Guheshwori on Monday.

Animals for Bali were managed by Guthi Sansthan”. Around 40 to 50 slung baskets are used to carry things from Battisputali to Pashupatinath temple. Main Bhatta of Pashupatinath performed all the rituals of Mahasnan.

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