Longest and Tallest Suspension Bridge

Myagdi, Nov. 9: The longest and tallest suspension bridge connecting Myagdi with Baglung district is at its final stage. The construction of the bridge was started a year ago.

An agreement was made last October with Thani Himsikhar JV to construct the 388-metre long and 70-metre tall bridge within 10 months at a cost of Rs. 30,000,000.

Resham Bogati, a local, said that the bridge would shorten the travel distance of one hour to five minutes. He said that it would be very easy to the patients for treatment, common people for shopping and students for study. Tek Bahadur Rawal, the former ward chair of Beni Municipality-1, said that it is believed internal tourism would be promoted due to the long bridge. It is expected that the bridge would play an important role for the development of religious and tourist areas.

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