GSC Received Doctors

Nov. 10: A total of 1,327 registered Nepali doctors took the Good Standing Certificate (GSC) to go abroad in the year 2021 either to work or study abroad.

As per the report of the Nepal Medical Council (NMC), as many as 1,502 registered doctors of Nepal took the GSC. Only 10.45 percent took the GSC for Nepal while the rest 89.55 percent aimed to go abroad.

The GSC is taken by the registered doctors either for getting a promotion in government jobs or to get affiliated with another council for study or work. According to Krishna Adhikari, registrar of the NMC, every year many registered doctors take the GSC.

Dr Badri Rijal, general secretary of the Nepal Medical Association (NMA), said the number of registered doctors going abroad has increased in Nepal. It is due to the lack of well-equipped hospitals and good pay for doctors.

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