Pray by Bathing with Boiling Milk

Dhanusha, Feb.14 – The Musahar community of Dhanusha has worshipped the Bhuinya Maharaj by taking a bath with hot milk.

Ram Dayal Majhi said that this puja is performed by those members who get their wishes fulfilled by their gods Dina and Bhadri (brothers), jointly called Bhuianya Maharaj. It is in every year in the Nepali month of Magh. Majhi informed that this Puja could be performed on any day of the month of Magh.

The devotees offer betel quid (Paan) and sweets to the god. They make a bow and arrow with bamboo that is also worshipped.

Bhuinya in Maithili means the ground or earth. The Mushars pray to these gods as their guardian gods against injustice and exploitation.

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