Waste Management Centre in Dhangadhi

Dhangadhi, Feb. 24: A waste management centre, called “Waste to Energy Project”, has been constructed in Kailai district. Built at a cost of about Rs. 208 million, it will process decomposable waste.

Ashok Awasthi, head of garbage management and sanitation branch of the sub-metropolis, said that it was built in a tripartite investment. As per him, Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City has provided land for waste management facilities; the Asian Development Bank Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (ADBAEPC) has invested 40 percent of the construction cost while Ravinkant Pant, the owner of a private firm, Dev FarmHouse, has invested 60 percent.

Wastes generated from the municipality, agriculture activities, industries, and forests could be processed here but wastes from hospital and septic tank couldn’t be processed. Ravinkant Pant said that 100 cylinders of LPG gas could be produced everyday, along with 3.5 tonnes of compost and 1.5 liquid fertilizers by processing 30 tonnes of waste.

Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City, which has already launched a plastic-free campaign, has started collecting household and other wastes. According to the office of the city, if the processing plant of waste management centre was not filled with rotting garbage, the waste could be purchased from another district.

Similarly, Dhangadhi Sub Metropolitan City has made preparation to bring into operation a ‘Micro Segregation Centre’ for the management of non-biodegradable waste. Awasthi informed that among the total wastes collected, non-biodegradable ones like plastic, lead and bottles would be segregated, recycled and sold.

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