Chir at Basantapur to Celebrate Holi

Kathmandu, Feb. 27: The Holi festival, also known as the festival of colours, has officially begun in Kathmandu. It is done by setting up the Chir, a ceremonial bamboo pole decorated with colorful clothes, at Basantapur Durbar Square.

The locals and priests put up the Chir every year on Falgun Shukla Astami. It marks the beginning of the festival.  The festival ends after seven days when the Chir is taken down.

According to local belief, Holi originated in the Treta Yug when a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu named Pralhad burned a female demon named Holika. She had planned to set him fire while he was sitting on her lap.

As a result, Holi is now celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Falgun.

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