Koshi named to Province No. 1

Biratnagar, Mar. 2: The Provincial Assembly of Province No. 1 has formally announced the name of the province as ‘Koshi’. It was approved by a majority of MPs in the second meeting of the assembly.

A proposal to name the Province as Koshi was tabled as per sub-section (2) of Article 295 of the Constitution. Speaker Baburam Gautam informed that 82 votes were classified in favor of the name Koshi and only 4 votes against it.

CPN (Unified Socialist) leader and former Chief Minister Rajendra Kumar Rai and Provincial Assembly member Kamal Prasad Jabegu jointly registered to change the proposal but it was rejected by a majority.

Following the registration of the proposal, 15 MPs took part in the discussion on the proposal to name the province as Koshi. After annoncing the result of the vote, Speaker Gautam informed that the meeting of the provincial assembly has been postponed until further notice.

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