National Anthem in Bajhang DAO

Bajhang, Mar. 2: District Administration Office, Bajhang has started to sing national anthem before the employees begin their duty in the office.

All the employees of the DAO, Bajhang gathered at the office yard and sang the national anthem at 10 am on Wednesday, before they began working.

It has been introduced to make the employees responsible to their duties by being present at the office in time, said Chief District Officer Narayan Pandey. He said that the sense of dedication to the nation would also be developed among the employees. He further said that this practice would be continued and it would help both the employees and service seekers to be disciplined.

In the past years, service seekers had to wait for hours to get citizenship card and passport work when the employees did not come to their office in time.

The service seekers have also been happy with the new practice of singing the national anthem before the office hours. According to Jagadish Rokaya, a local, it is one of the creative works of the government office.

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