Mahamurkha Conference

Janakpur, Mar. 4: A two-day Hori (Holi or Fagu) festival and ‘Mahamurkha Conference’ will be observed on the occasion of Fagu Purnina. Mithila Natyakala Parishad (MINAP) hosts the event in Janakpurdham every year. 

MINAP General Secretary Shailendra Mallik said that they have planned to celebrate this year’s Hori Festival and ‘Mahamurkha Conference’ on Monday and Tuesday respectively at Janaki Temple. Even though it was informed to have contestants from all eight districts of Madhes province in the festival, they have participated from only five districts, he said.

A total of 10 teams, two each from five districts, will participate in the competition. Each team will have 10 contestants and 100 in total. Inauguration, Damphu playing, special discussion on Holi, seminar of poets, Fagu singing, and award distribution will be held on the first day. On the following day, satirical theatrical performance, announcement of the winners of the title of ‘Mahamurkha’ (the greatest fool) and Holi special song will be performed, he added.

He informed that they had scheduled a programme to honour the Provincial Assembly members who took oath in Maithili language. MINAP has been organizing ‘Mahamurkha Conference’ since 2004 in Janakpur.

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