Preparation to Celebrate Holi

Kathmandu, Mar. 6: The people of the mountainous districts of Nepal are prepared to celebrate Holi today and Terai residents tomorrow by smearing colours to each other.

The festival is mainly popular among youths. They smear colours on the faces of their friends and relatives, splash water at each other, sing and dance in groups.

Fagu, popularly known as Holi, is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. It’s said that Holi used to be a ceremony performed by married women praying for their family’s well-being by worshipping the full moon.

Traditionally, in Kathmandu, this festival was celebrated with families and friends gathering to play with coloured powder and water in their own house or community. However, in recent years, Holi has been celebrated with large crowds of people in public places such as Basantapur and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. They also organize events and parties held in clubs, restaurants, and hotels.

In the name of enjoying festivals, many bad practices are being exercised, such as consuming alcohol and weed, which make negative impact on the community. Holi celebrations have also raised safety concerns in recent years due to factors like the use of synthetic colours and dirty water which can lead to many health problems.

Some people engage in inappropriate or unsafe behaviours, such as touching or probing others without seeking permission, hurling water balloons or other objects at moving cars, or using artificial colours that can be dangerous to both human health and the environment.

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