Panche Baja played by Women

Dolakha, Mar. 6: Women from the Brahmin and Kshatriya communities have organized programmes to conserve the traditional musical instruments ‘Panche Baja’. They are slowly disappearing with the emergence of modern musical instruments.

As the men from certain communities have not given interest in their traditional occupation, women from the Brahmin, Kshatriya and even Dalit communities have begun a campaign to preserve the Panche Baja. Women have been playing ‘Panche baja’ in various events, gatherings and conferences organized in the district, wearing similar outfit. Along with the preservation of ‘Panche Baja’, the new job has been helping the women generate income as well.

The women now play various nine types of musical instruments including Shehnai, Dholak, Tyamko, Jhyali, Karnal and Damaha. They have been receiving regular training for a long time. On the proposal of the ward office, Bhimeshwor Municipality allocated Rs. 50,000 to train the women to play the Panche Baja.

Basu Shrestha, chairman of ward No. 5 of Bhimeshwor Municipality, said that he was excited by the enthusiasm and activism of women and that the Baja group would be encouraged. He said that there was a shortage of manpower to play the instruments in auspicious works after skilled youths began to go abroad as migrant workers.

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