Pashupati Cleaning Campaign

Kathmandu, Mar. 10: A cleaning campaign will begin in the Pashupati Temple Area from tomorrow.    Employees of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and its 21 subordinate bodies have been directed to compulsorily participate in the three-month campaign. Government employees have to spend two hours of their time every Saturday morning from 8 am to 10 am.     

According to Sudan Kirati, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, the Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT), a government institution established to conserve and operate the Pashupati Temple and surrounding heritages, found it difficult to tidy up the area alone.

Office bearers and employees of the Department of Tourism, the Department of Archeology, the National Archives, the Nepal Copyright Registrar’s Office, the Language Commission, the Nepal Academy, the Nepal Academy of Music and Drama, the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the Nepal Airlines Corporation, the Cultural Undertaking Nepal and the Nepal Tourism Board are urged to participate in the cleaning programme.     

Similarly, the office bearers of the Hanumandhoka Palace Museum Development Committee, the Patan Palace Museum Development Committee, the Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management Institute, the Narayanhiti Palace Museum and Republic Memorial Management and Operation Development Board, the Taragaun Development Committee, the Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery Development Committee, the Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Bikas Samiti (Calendar Determination Committee), and the Shree Bouddhanath Area Development Committee have been asked for the same.

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