Janto as Identity

Urlabari, Mar. 11: Jante was one of the village development committees in Morang district before to form present Letang Municipality. Locals of it have made a statue of janto, Nepali name for stone grinding mill, in Jante Park to make others know their identity.

The village was named ‘Jante’ referring to the extreme use of jantos to grind different crops and cereals in the area. In 2009, Jante locals had organized a Maha Yagya to celebrate the centenary of the establishment of Jante village.

Jante village lies 9 kilometres north from the East-West Highway from Pathari Chowk. The park has been constructed at Dharmik Chowk with a welcome gate.

The statue of janto constructed in the park is expected to be the world’s tallest statue of a stone grinding mill. It has been constructed after the Koshi Province government provided a budget of Rs. 1 million. The villagers had also contributed volunteer work worth Rs. 400,000 for the park construction.

According to the Chairman of the Janto Park Construction Committee, the statue has been constructed within a circle of five-feet in diameter. The lower stationary stone of the statue is 1.5-feet in length and the upper mobile stone has a width of 15 inches. Similarly, the bell, which is in the centre, is made from two-kilogram iron and the janto also has a wooden handle.

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