World’s Biggest Ferris Wheel without Spoke

Mar. 11: South Korea has added the ‘Seoul Ring’, a 180-meter (591-foot) Ferris wheel without spoke. The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced the attraction would be located in Haneul Park in the northeast of the city.

Normally, Ferris wheels have cables running through the middle, but over the last few years technologies have evolved to enable the cars to rotate without them.

In addition to being close to the World Cup stadium, the wheel will be set near the Han River in a spot known for its beautiful views of the city. According to the government, the Ferris wheel will use green technology, such as solar power.

The Seoul Ring will have 36 carriages, each of which can hold a maximum of 25 people. The Ferris wheel could accommodate as many as 11,792 people per day in its full capacity.

The Ferris wheel is named for its creator, George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. He was an engineer who designed the attraction for Chicago in 1893.

Currently, the largest Ferris wheel without spoke in the world is in Shandong, China. It measures 145 meters (475 feet) high.

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