Separating Waste Starting

Jhapa, Mar. 13: Shivasatakshi Municipality in Jhapa district has started separating waste for the first time after the establishment of Waste Processing Centre in Birtamod. Mayor Mega Hang Thopra informed that the centre had been tested successfully. 

Mayor Thopra said that the municipality had purchased 2 bighas and 18 katthas of land for the centre and installed the waste processing machine over there. He said that waste separation chamber section, car parking, and office building were yet to be constructed. Rs. 30 million had been spent so far for the construction of the centre including Rs. 1 million on the processing machine, he added.

As per the data presented in the DPR of the centre, it would cost Rs. 12 million to complete the site. A single waste processing machine has a capacity to destroy 300 kilograms of waste in an hour. 

The municipality informed that a fee for the disposal of the waste would be determined based on cost of management of the centre.  Mayor Thopra requested the residents to pay the fee to the municipality as a minimum fee has been fixed.

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