Construction of 1,000 Roads

Karnali, Mar. 15: Karnali provincial government is constructing 1,000 secondary roads this year alone.     

The provincial government has focused on building the secondary roads as a majority of the populations in the province are out of reach of road connectivity. Bhim Bahadur Karki, the Information Officer at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources, said the number of minor projects of road construction have decreased this year because the provincial government decided not to implement plans with a cost of less than Rs. 3 million.

The Ministry has distributed Rs. 8 billion for construction of physical infrastructures such as roads and bridges. However, there is shortage of human resources for the construction of the physical infrastructures. It is said the Ministry is short of 60 percent of technical human resources. Karki said the Ministry has written to the Public Service Commission to fulfill the vacant posts in the Ministry.

The locals have complained that even more roads are constructed every year, they are not regularly repaired. This is causing damage to the environment.

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