Chitwan’s bees taken to Mahottari

Bardibas, Apr. 3: The group of honey farmers of Khairahani, Chitwan has moved to Mahottari with bee hives for grazing. 30 farmers of Chitwan have come to Madhes with 2,000 beehives.

Their goal is to collect honey worth Rs. 20 million from the wild areas of Bardibas this season. After the arrival of honey farmers, the mango garden around Bardibas and Gaushala Municipalities in the northern belt of the district and forest of Sagarnath Forest Development Project are full of beehives.

They have come to Bardibas in the first week of Falgun and are planning to return after collecting honey from the forest till the month of Baisakh. They aim to produce around 35,000 to 40,000 kg. of honey during this period.

Currently, the price of honey is Rs. 500 per kilo in wholesale and Rs. 700 in retail. According to honey farmer Suresh Basnet, they had come there in the hope of saving Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 300,000 per person by deducting the expenses while distributing it among the 30 people of the group.

Another farmer Krishna Bahadur Basnet said that the honey collected from the flowers of eucalyptus is of high quality. Honey produced of eucalyptus does not freeze like that of mustard and cherry. There is no need to run to sell honey that does not freeze, as it can be sold after the price rises.

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