Son to follow his father in tongue piercing

Kathmandu, Apr. 8: Sujan Baga Shrestha, Buddha Krishna Baga Shrestha’s youngest son, will be taking on his father’s role and will get his tongue pierced on April 15 this year during Bode’s famous Jibro Chhedne (tongue-piercing) festival.

27 year old Sujan has expressed his willingness to perform the painful act to preserve the over a century old tradition that his father was so dutifully dedicated.

A resident of Khasi, Bode, Madhyapur Thimi Municipality–8, Buddha Krishna got his tongue pierced a total of 9 times between 2005 and 2022. He started in 2005 but had to stop in 2008 due to the death of his mother. From 2009 to 2015, Juju Bhai Basan continued the tradition. But when he stopped in 2016, Buddha Krishna again started getting his tongue pierced every year.

Krishna Chandra Baga Shrestha, older brother of Buddha Krishna, who himself has gotten his tongue piercing 12 times, will pierce Sujan’s tongue this year. Dharma Lal Nakarmi, 66, resident of the same locality, has made the iron needle to pierce the tongue. Since there is no one to make these needles after him, Nakarmi plans to make around 30 and keep them safe for the coming years.

The 10-inch-long spike is painted with a metal primer to prevent rusting and is kept in mustard oil for four days before being used in the Jibro Chhedne festival.

Records show that 13 people have had their tongues pierced in the festival’s 111-year history. Harka Narsingh Shrestha 22 times, Bekha Narayan Shrestha 32 times, including others got their tongues pierced.

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