Damage of tea worth millions

Ilam, Apr. 8: The first lot of Jasbire Tea Industry got damaged because of irregular power supply. Due to the power cut for two days, the tea could not be processed, leaving the tea for export to China being damaged and the industry suffering losses millions of rupees. 

About 12 industries of Maipokhari area of Ilam, which started processing tea on March 31 this year, had to face the same situation. The tea processing started for golden pearl and golden tea could not be made into that kind of ‘special tea’. 

Sharad Subba, owner of Jasbire Tea Processing Industry, said they faced a loss after green leaves that make quality tea with two leaves and one needle and only one needle were destroyed at the beginning of processing for this year. According to the industrialists, farmers and industry have to bear a huge loss from tea this year as the Authority has not paid attention to regularize the electricity supply in this area.

The tea industry has also submitted a memorandum to the Chief District Officer mentioning the huge damage because of interrupted electricity supply. Receiving the memorandum from the traders, Chief District Officer Shrawan Kumar Pokhrel expressed his commitment to take initiatives to solve the problem by coordinating with the Nepal Electricity Authority.

The pure organic tea processed in these industries is exported to China, Japan, Germany, Russia, America and other countries. Various varieties of tea such as golden, golden pearl, silver tea and green tea are produced in these factories.

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