Proposed law on citizenship be valid

Janakpurdham, May 12: Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) Chairperson Upendra Yadav asked the President to prove the proposed law to change the Nepal Citizenship Act-2063 BS that has been passed by the parliament twice.

At a press conference in Dhanusha district, Chairperson Yadav blamed that there were wrong practices of keeping the laws passed by sovereign parliament on hold although it is not lawful.

The President could send back the law approved by the parliament for the first time. There is a provision that the President should authenticate the law within 15 days if the law is sent to the President for the second time. If there is no authentication, it should automatically become a law.

The former Deputy Prime Minister said that the constitution was blocking the institutional development of the Federal Democratic Republic system in the country and thus called for change.

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