Indigenous food festival in Sinja

Jumla, May 17: Sinja Rural Municipality in Jumla district organized a cultural food festival, showing the significance of local cuisines.

Jointly organized by the Sinja Rural Municipality and the Marxist Knowledge Centre, the event aimed at promoting the region’s food culture and fostering income generation opportunities, particularly through the preservation of indigenous food.

The festival was held in Sinja, with seven stalls, six each of six wards of Sinja Rural Municipality. This was an exciting moment for the locals as their traditional organic food was shown in the market for the first time.

They entertained the visitors also with Dauda dances, jhodas (traditional songs), and jokes to promote their cooking heritage.

The stalls at the festival featured a variety of dishes, including millet, maize, Soybeans, Chinu, Kaguno (foxtail millet), maize dishes, and even rabbit meat.

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