Is Honor Reuniting with Huawei?

Is Honor Reuniting with Huawei?

In the wake of the recent Honor V Purse launch conference, where tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipated the latest offerings from the once Huawei subsidiary, Honor CEO George Zhao took the opportunity to address speculations surrounding the company’s relationship with Huawei. In a series of media interviews, he made a clear and unequivocal statement about Honor’s independence.

Zhao emphasized that any notion of Honor reuniting with Huawei was “absolutely impossible.” Instead, he shed light on the profound respect and competition that exists between the two entities. He presented two fundamental choices when faced with a strong rival: collaboration or competition. In Honor’s case, they have chosen the latter, aiming to establish themselves as Huawei’s formidable competitor.

The CEO’s message was one of unwavering determination to elevate Honor to new heights in the tech industry. Zhao highlighted the significance of competition, as it infuses the industry with vitality and allure. He acknowledged Huawei’s recent strides in innovation, particularly the Mate60 series, and recognized the positive impact it has on the industry as a whole.

For Honor, the ultimate tribute to Huawei is not a return to the fold, but rather to challenge them head-on with cutting-edge products and unwavering commitment. This competition, Zhao noted, not only benefits Honor but invigorates the entire tech landscape.


In conclusion, Honor’s CEO, George Zhao, made it abundantly clear that Honor’s path forward lies in being an independent and potent contender in the tech arena. Rather than seeking reunion, they intend to offer the best products and innovation in a spirit of healthy competition, adding a new dimension of excitement and vigor to the industry.

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